2020 Cohort Program

2020 Life in the Trinity Ministry Cohort Program

LTM believes that spiritual transformation is solitary work that must be done in community. The LTM Cohort Programs, both enneagram & contemplative practice focused, exist to provide authentic community for individuals to do solitary work together.

2018 Enneagram Cohort Group

2018 Enneagram Cohort Group

2020 Contemplative Cohort

The goal of the Spiritual Life is to live a contemplative life from the heart. In this Cohort we will study and practice many and varied spiritual disciplines.  We will hold one another accountable in our practices, finding companionship and support along the way.

2020 Enneagram Cohort

The LTM Enneagram Cohort program is comprised of individuals who desire a deep dive into Enneagram wisdom and are committed to using that wisdom for the good of others. Like so many spiritual tools, the Enneagram is individual work done best in community.