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The purpose of this curriculum is not just to teach an intellectual understanding of the Enneagram, although you will get a good grounding in its basic concepts. Knowing your Enneagram Number and learning about the Enneagram are not enough to help you work with your personality and promote spiritual growth. Transformation and growth take place as a community of people experiences the Enneagram together. That is why we have called this curriculum The Enneagram Journey—it’s a shared experience designed to help
you connect with other members of your group and learn with and from each other.
— from viii of The Enneagram Journey Curriculum

What is a 'full set' of Enneagram Journey Curriculum?

A 12-session curriculum designed to help participants learn about the Enneagram, a powerful ancient tool for understanding motivation, behavior, and experience. Led by Suzanne Stabile, a master teacher and guide, each set includes:

  • 12 DVDs, each one devoted to one of Suzannes 60-minute teachings that make up The Enneagram Journey

  • A Facilitator Guide designed to equip even novice leaders with everything they need to conduct a successful course

  • 8 copies of the Participant Guide to encourage engagement and learning

Sample pages from the Participant Guide

Curriculum groups across america

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Austin, tx

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Compton, California

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North Little Rock, Arkansas


Richmond, Virginia


Richardson, texas

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Nashville, Tennessee

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Dallas, Texas

Canyon Lake,