Simplicity and Sabbath

Simplicity and Sabbath



Length: 5 hours 1 minute

Size: 254 MB

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This series of talks was presented to men and women who participated in a Simplicity and Sabbath workshop offered by Life inthe Trinity Ministry in 2006. It is our hope that this fresh look at the forth commandement will call you back to the practice of Sabbath Keeping. The 5 CDs for approximately 5 hours of teaching are based on teachings of Eugene H.Peterson. "Sabbath is the rhythmic setting apart of one day each week for praying and playing-the two activities for which we don’t get paid, but which are necessary for a blessed life. A blessed life is what we are biblically promised. A blessed life is not a mere survival life, but a bountiful life. Praying and playing are warp and woof of the bounty."-Eugene H.Peterson.

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