Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram

Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram


Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram

with Rev. Joseph and Suzanne Stabile


Length: 5 Hours

Size: 181 MB

Our ways of connecting with God are as varied as our Enneagram numbers. Some practices come more naturally while others challenge our way of being in the world. Join Rev. Joe and Suzanne Stabile as they draw on their years of experience as retreat leaders, Joe as a Spiritual Director, and Suzanne as an Enneagram Master, and they explore the intersection of the Enneagram and Spiritual Practices. It includes a thorough review of each enneagram stance and answers your questions on the history of spiritual practice, why we participate in spiritual practice, and to best begin and sustain spiritual practices in your own life.

This workshop will walk participants through varied spiritual practices, practical application and expectations, and the struggles and benefits that each enneagram personality presents along the way.

This workshop is intended for individuals who already know their enneagram number. If you are unsure of your enneagram number, LTM recommends The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery and The Enneagram Journey Podcast, and Suzanne’s famous Enneagram: Know Your Number workshop.

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